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White House releases maritime cybersecurity update

by Shannon Vavra

Ports and shipping lanes are ripe for adversaries' exploits, and the military sees potential threats to its force projection, too.

US Army combines fake hacks, natural disaster simulation to test municipal responses

by Shannon Vavra

What happens when cyberattacks and natural disasters hit ports all at once?

Trump officials hint at update for US maritime cybersecurity

by Shannon Vavra

The White House wants to take a closer look at maritime cybersecurity, two senior administration officials say.

These tiny islands are at the heart of an uncovered Chinese phishing campaign

by Shannon Vavra

Chinese cyber-espionage campaigns frequently coincide with territorial disputes.

U.S. Cyber Command simulated a seaport cyberattack to test digital readiness

by Shannon Vavra

The simulation also included officials from throughout the U.S. government and from allied partners to emphasize stronger coordination.

After ‘significant’ malware attack, U.S. Coast Guard issues maritime security advisory

by Jeff Stone

The alert comes after the FBI warned private industry about growing cybersecurity risks for vessels, amid ongoing international tensions.