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Chinese influence operation seeks to sow political discord, 'aggressively' targets U.S. midterms

by AJ Vicens

China has increased its aggressive actions and rhetoric around politics, other divisive issues, researchers say.

Sprawling, multi-year Iranian cyberespionage and surveillance group exposed in new report

by AJ Vicens

The Iranian cyberespionage group known as APT 42 is characterized by targeted spear phishing campaigns and extensive surveillance operations.

Albania cuts diplomatic ties with Iran after July cyberattack

by AJ Vicens

A group called "Homeland Justice," which the Albanian government said is a front for Iranian hackers, took responsibility for the cyberattacks.

Hackers deploy new ransomware tool in attacks on Albanian government websites

by AJ Vicens

The hackers linked to the Iranian government claimed to have attacked Albania for hosting an opposition group conference.

Global network of fake news sites push Chinese propaganda, researchers find

by AJ Vicens

More than 70 bogus sites in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia are part of an information operation pushing pro-Beijing messages.

Taiwanese government sites hit with DDoS attacks ahead of Pelosi's visit

by AJ Vicens

One attack appears to have shut down the president of Taiwan's website Tuesday before Nancy Pelosi's historic visit.