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Defense Department blocks ads to counter malvertising, official tells Congress

by Tim Starks

The largest federal agency's response to Sen. Ron Wyden is similar to one from the intelligence community.

CISA tells agencies to consider ad blockers to fend off 'malvertising'

by Tim Starks

The NSA previously made a similar recommendation.

TikTok scrubs ads promoting diet pills, fake apps after Tenable report

by Jeff Stone

Revelations about the company's apparent moderation misses coincide with acquisition talks.

Scammers are abusing mobile ad networks in an attempt to phish Android app users

by Jeff Stone

At least 400 apps in Google’s Play Store are feeding malicious ads into apps through abuse of an SDK.

Ukrainian national accused of spreading millions of malicious ads by posing as a CEO

by Jeff Stone

A U.S. Department of Justice indictment does not specify how much money the conspiracy yielded.

Google Chrome introduces new security measures against malvertising

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Increasingly popular malvertising tactics are being addressed, beginning in January 2018.