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Former DOJ officials slam Barr’s new policy on election investigations

by Sean Lyngaas

“The voters decide the winner in an election, not the president, and not the attorney general,” the ex-officials said.

As voters cast their ballots, courts nationwide issue election security edicts

by Tim Starks

The court fights over the long weekend stretched from California to Pennsylvania.

Facebook removes fake accounts it linked to Turning Point

by Tim Starks

The removal comes with just weeks to go before the election.

FBI, CISA: Foreign actors likely to spread disinformation on election results

by Sean Lyngaas

The agencies warn of false reports about voter suppression and fraud.

As Trump rails against mail-in voting, DHS warns Russia is doing the same

by Sean Lyngaas

Moscow’s reported denigration of the vote-by-mail process mirrors the criticisms leveled by President Donald Trump.

Facebook hopes voting hub will curb mail-in voting misinformation

by Jeff Stone

The company also will direct users toward accurate information on mail-in voting.