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Staying ahead of the adversary with AI- and ML-enabled SOC capabilities

by CyberScoop Staff

CISO Paul Beckman looks at how organizations can modernize their security operations centers to keep pace with the rapid adoption of applications and expanding enterprise IT environments.

LinkedIn stopped more than 21 million fake accounts this year, but legitimate users are the real challenge

by Jeff Stone

Chinese recruiters have exploited the Microsoft-owned site for their own gain.

As homomorphic encryption gains steam, experts search for standards

by Sean Lyngaas

As homomorphic encryption gains greater traction, practitioners need a set of agreed parameters for implementing the algorithms.

The NSA is experimenting with machine learning concepts its workforce will trust

by Shannon Vavra

NSA brass wants to increase the agency's use of AI in defensive and offensive operations.

Are attackers messing with machine learning systems?

by Jeff Stone

McAfee Chief Data Scientist Celeste Fralick talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about adversarial machine learning and what it means for all the products companies use to handle threats to their systems.