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Congressional pressure builds for White House to share classified cyber authorizations

by Shannon Vavra

The House voted in favor of ordering the Trump administration to release the classified memorandum that made it easier for the Pentagon to run offense cyber-operations against U.S. adversaries.

Proposed bill would make DOD tell Congress when 'special cyber operations' are taking place

by Chris Bing

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House Armed Services Committee wants to codify a process that is currently done only as a courtesy.

Worried lawmakers ask experts how to stop cyber-enabled information warfare

by Chris Bing

The complexities associated with nearly any solution — underlined by protections afforded through the First Amendment and the rise of privately owned social media networks — have so far led to a surplus of questions.

Under Trump, Congress to push for funding that grows government hacking

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

The encryption debate isn't over, but with a new administration, expect to see the conversation shift dramatically toward increased instances of government hacking.