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LockBit ransomware suspect arrested in Canada, faces charges in US

by AJ Vicens

Authorities arrested the suspect wanted for his alleged role in one of the most prolific ransomware crews in the world.

Ransomware attacks jump as new malware strains proliferate, research finds

by AJ Vicens

Ransomware cases increased 47 percent amid a rise in attacks involving new strains of malware from the LockBit cybercrime syndicate.

Ransomware group targets Italian tax agency

by AJ Vicens

LockBit, one of the most prolific ransomware operations, claims to have 100GB of data from the agency.

Evil Corp affiliates are using off-the-shelf ransomware to evade sanctions

by Tonya Riley

Researchers found a number of similarities between Evil Corp and a new group of attackers.

Russian ransomware group claims attack on Bulgarian refugee agency

by AJ Vicens

The impact of the alleged attack is so far unclear. The country has taken in hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

Ransomware group says it took files from French Ministry of Justice

by AJ Vicens

Hackers claim to have nearly 10,000 files from the French government agency, but skepticism is warranted.