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British teen arrested in hacking case

by AJ Vicens

British police arrested a 17-year-old from Thursday as part of a hacking investigation, the City of London Police announced Friday.

Two alleged Lapsus$ teens appear in London court

by AJ Vicens

Even after the arrests, the group has released more stolen data.

Okta says 366 customers potentially affected in data breach

by AJ Vicens

Customer data is safe, the company says. But an Okta official says it should have handled some things differently.

Cyber company Okta is latest potential victim cited by Lapsus$ hackers

by Joe Warminsky, AJ Vicens

The financially motivated group of malicious hackers posted screenshots that Okta said could be related to "activity" detected in January.

Microsoft investigating hacking group's claims of successful breach

by AJ Vicens

Cybercrime organization Lapsus$ posted suspicious screenshots. Microsoft officials said they are "aware of the claims and are investigating."

US chip maker Nvidia says hackers breached company, stole data

by Tim Starks

The company said employee user credentials and proprietary data have leaked online.