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The Wassenaar Arrangement's latest language is making security researchers very happy

by Shaun Waterman

Security researchers are saying rewritten language that includes hacking tools in a treaty that regulates the global trade in weapons technology, saying it fixes rules that, if implemented in the U.S., would have outlawed much of the daily commerce of the cybersecurity industry.

The endless hunt: Looking for patterns in malware data

by Shaun Waterman

A Comodo dataset is allowing researchers to examine more than 97 million malware incidents — and experts tell CyberScoop it's "just scratching the surface."

Despite its hacking prowess, Russia appears to have very messy networks

by Shaun Waterman

New data from security vendor Comodo shows that Russia's computer networks are among the most malware-ridden in the world.

NATO expert: Russians have it right — it's information security not cyber

by Shaun Waterman

"After the 2016 election, it's starting to look as if the Russians had the right idea," said Geers. The key issue is bigger than just cybersecurity. "We now understand that information security is an issue for us, as well."