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Google releases new email, browser security features to prevent common hacking issues

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Google has rolled out new security features for users of Gmail and Drive, as well as its Chrome web browser. For Gmail and Drive users, Google is offering an opt-in feature called the Advanced Protection Program, aimed at those who are more prone to online threats because of the nature of their work. The company announced the program in a blog post on Tuesday.

The fast-spreading lie about John Podesta's hacked email password

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

From TV to Twitter to cybersecurity conferences, there is a strange but consequential lie spreading about the password used by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. He did not use the password "password" for his hacked GMail.

U.S. officials wary of fake voter fraud stories hitting social media

by Chris Bing

While evidence of such a plot remains unclear, the threat of a malicious, precisely tailored, online misinformation campaign is being taken seriously at the “highest levels” of federal and state government.

Hacked Podesta emails reveal Clinton's encryption opinion

by Chris Bing

Hillary Clinton appears to disfavor policy that would mandate tech companies to create backdoors for law enforcement, according to an alleged leaked email exchange between a Clinton campaign staffer and adviser.