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Hackers are using CAPTCHA techniques to scam email users

by Tonya Riley

Quantity continues to beat quality in email attacks.

Average ransomware payment declined by 38% in second quarter of 2021, new Coveware report says

by Tonya Riley

The average payment was $136,576 in the second quarter.

New legislation would boost the FTC's role in fighting ransomware

by Tonya Riley

Congress is looking for ways to help agencies take on the growing threat.

Jack Cable, Stanford student and cyber whiz, aims to crowdsource ransomware details

by Tim Starks

It's a crowdsourcing project that hopes to shed light on the opaque world of ransomware.

Biden again urges Putin to disrupt ransomware gangs operating inside Russia

by Tonya Riley

The Kremlin says it has not received any official requests from U.S. law enforcement.