Tags Javascript

There’s a new Java ransomware family on the block

by Shannon Vavra

BlackBerry and KPMG researchers uncovered a new ransomware strain targeting education and software entities.

JavaScript attack aimed to reroute bitcoin transactions

by Jared Beinart

A newly identified JavaScript vulnerability in StatCounter, a popular web analytics platform, allowed hackers to attempt to re-route bitcoin transfers associated with a specific cryptocurrency exchange.

Here's why Google is forcing JavaScript use on its sign-on pages

by Greg Otto

Google rolled out four new security features for account holders, continuing its efforts to give users more autonomy when it comes to protecting their information.

Source Defense raises $10 million for website supply chain solution

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Source Defense is setting out to protect customers' websites from attacks that exploit vulnerable third-party code.

Magecart strikes again, this time at electronics retailer Newegg

by Greg Otto

Researchers say the hacking group is getting better at finding ways to leverage faults in Javascript to hide and carry out breaches of credit card payment systems.