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Pentagon, DHS agree to framework for joint cyberdefense

by Sean Lyngaas

U.S. officials have long touted their “whole-of-government approach” to cyberthreats, and a new memo advances that cause.

NSA chief ripped by Congress for cyberwar process he doesn't control

by Chris Bing

Neither President Donald Trump nor Secretary of Defense James Mattis has specifically directed Adm. Mike Rogers to “disrupt Russian cyberthreats where they originate."

Maj. Gen. Ed Wilson appointed to top Pentagon cyber policy position

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The Air Force officer will become Defense Secretary James Mattis' right-hand man when it comes to cyber policy.

Here's what the newly signed NDAA means for cybersecurity

by Chris Bing

President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Tuesday, approving the $700 billion spending bill designed to fund the U.S. military and its various cybersecurity-focused initiatives.

Trump orders that U.S. Cyber Command receive new authority to conduct cyberwarfare

by Chris Bing

Trump's decision moves Cyber Command one step closer from being moved away from the National Security Agency.

Pentagon hackers-for-hire take just 4 hours to find critical vulnerability in sensitive system

by Samantha Ehlinger

The Pentagon's cybersecurity swat team has hosted highly-publicized challenges to find flaws in department and military branch websites, but it also recently orchestrated a more secret, complex project.