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A spyware app designed to monitor Kurdish targets attracted more than 1,400 downloads

by Jeff Stone

The identity of the spies remains unclear, though the hacking tool is capable of collecting vast amounts of data.

U.S. cyber-offensive against ISIS continues, and eyes are now on Afghanistan, general says

by Shannon Vavra

“We are trying to illuminate the network, trying to figure out how they’re communicating, what they’re using, where the money might be flowing," Brig. Gen. Len Anderson says.

Latest Facebook shutdown involves hundreds of accounts misleading users in Ukraine, Iraq

by Jeff Stone

The unrelated efforts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East are the latest examples of how the social media giant's reach is exploited.

Flash zero-day shows up in Qatar amid geopolitical struggles

by Chris Bing

The findings come as Qatar faces significant geopolitical struggles, including a trade blockade established by its neighbors.