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Apple's new solution to combat child abuse imagery could radically shift encryption debate

by Tonya Riley

Privacy experts say the scanning system sets off a number of concerns for ordinary users.

Apple issues security update for WebKit flaws

by Shannon Vavra

There are reports hackers have been exploiting the bugs.

Turnabout: It looks like phone-cracking company Cellebrite had its own vulnerabilities exposed

by Tim Starks

Signal uncovered the apparent security gaps in a company that makes a living breaking into smarphones.

Apple releases patches for 3 iOS zero-days that hackers used for targeted attacks

by Sean Lyngaas

Two of the bugs affect the kernel, in the core of the device’s operating system.

Researcher claims $100,000 for ‘Sign in with Apple’ hack

by Sean Lyngaas

It highlights the big payouts Apple has been offering through a bug bounty program it expanded last year.

Hackers have been exploiting two zero-days to break into iPhones and iPads

by Shannon Vavra

Researchers from ZecOps say they have found two zero-day vulnerabilities that have been exploited in Apple’s iOS Mail application.