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Hackers used password spraying to breach Citrix, investigation confirms

by Sean Lyngaas

The unsophisticated technique gave the intruders access to two corporate drives for a “limited number of days,” Citrix's president says.

Capitol Hill staffers learn what really happens when there's a data breach

by Sean Lyngaas

To try to demystify the data-breach discussion on Capitol Hill, cybersecurity firm FireEye held a quiet training session for roughly 40 Senate and House staffers last month.

Bitcoin hype pushes hackers to stash their money in lesser-known cryptocurrencies

by Chris Bing

Lesser-known cryptocurrencies like Monero, Dash and ZCash are all the rage in the criminal underground.

CCleaner attack was focused on stealing data from top level tech firms

by Chris Bing

Researchers believe the hacking group may be a Chinese advanced persistent threat, although the evidence so far is inconclusive and researchers are still collecting evidence.

New FBI Director will build on Comey's cybercrime fighting efforts

by Chris Bing

Associates of Christopher Wray who spoke to him in recent weeks say they expect him to build on many of the same priorities that James Comey was known for.