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North Korea's internet connections to China and India come under scrutiny

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Recorded Future's findings of "a near absence of malicious cyber activity" from within North Korea itself support the longstanding assumption that Pyongyang conducts cyber-operations from outside its own borders.

Report: International nonprofit would ease work of cyber-attribution

by Shaun Waterman

Attributing cyberattacks and other malicious online activities is tough. The RAND Corp. has an idea for cutting through the public skepticism that lies beyond the technical difficulties.

A stolen Trump-Duterte transcript appears to be just one part of a larger hacking story

by Chris Bing

Sensitive Philippine government documents acquired by a hacker group with suspected ties to the Vietnamese government have been floating on the public internet, according to evidence gathered by CyberScoop.

What a Trump presidency could mean for U.S. cyberweapons

by Chris Bing

A small but powerful group of defense contractors developing military grade cyber weapons find themselves in a prime position to capitalize on Donald Trump’s rise to the White House. But experts question what the President-elect’s plan to develop offensive cyber tools will mean for both those at home and abroad.