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Chinese influence operation seeks to sow political discord, 'aggressively' targets U.S. midterms

by AJ Vicens

China has increased its aggressive actions and rhetoric around politics, other divisive issues, researchers say.

Senate reports details inefficiencies, confusion at key U.S. counterintelligence center

by Suzanne Smalley

Sen. Mark Warner said "new threats and new technology mean that we have to make substantial adjustments to our counterintelligence posture."

FBI director expects onslaught of digital assaults targeting midterm elections

by Suzanne Smalley

The FBI is working with U.S. Cyber Command to combat election threats that include disinformation operations and potential cyberattacks.

Russian information operations focus on dividing Western coalition supporting Ukraine

by Suzanne Smalley

The Russian propaganda focuses on the threat that Ukrainian refugees could bring economic hardship to Europe.

The Ukraine war could provide a cyberwarfare manual for Chinese generals eyeing Taiwan

by Tim Starks, AJ Vicens

China's certainly watching Russia's missteps in cyberspace, as well as the U.S. response.

Chinese influence operation aimed to protect Beijing's stake in rare earth mining, research finds

by AJ Vicens

The latest operation of the Dragonbridge information campaign shows signs of refinement, researchers said.