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Cloudflare not fully backing out of Russia, company says, as tech firms are forced to weigh in

by AJ Vicens

Ukraine's effort to force tech firms out of Russia is turning up mixed results so far.

What's the difference between a good bot and a bad bot?

by Jeff Stone

Greg Otto talks with Imperva CTO Kunal Anand about the wild growth in bots.

Securiosity: Will we ever be able to vote online?

by Jeff Stone

Imperva CTO Kunal Anand talks with Greg Otto about the way elections could change this decade

Imperva planned to keep its CEO through a merger. Two months after a breach, he’s out.

by Jeff Stone

Chris Hylen had been scheduled to remain at the helm of the company following a meger with Thoma Bravo.

Imperva says cloud firewall customers' passwords were exposed

by Sean Lyngaas

The company found out about the incident last week thanks to an unnamed third party, he said.

Imperva to acquire Distil Networks to add bot mitigation to its offerings

by Jeff Stone

The frenzied M&A in the cybersecurity market continues.