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Advocates urge Amazon to drop controversial DHS surveillance program

by Tonya Riley

HART will become the one-stop shop for profiles that combine data from other DHS projects.

ICE surveillance dragnet scoops up data on 3 out of 4 Americans, report finds

by Tonya Riley

The report demonstrates how over the past decade ICE has shifted to using data collected beyond a law enforcement context.

CISA's Krebs: Request for border volunteers won’t have operational impact on agency

by Sean Lyngaas

Only one or two of the agency’s cybersecurity-focused employees have volunteered so far, according to DHS's Chris Krebs.

White House cybersecurity coordinator takes on additional role in Trump administration

by Chris Bing

CyberScoop has learned that Rob Joyce will take on a new position starting Monday as President Donald Trump's acting deputy homeland security adviser.

How academics are helping cybersecurity students overcome Trump's immigration order

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Amid a cybersecurity workforce shortage, thousands of people who were planning on contributing to the U.S. cybersecurity community now have a very uncertain future.