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European police bust Polish gang suspected of hacking and stealing cars

by Sean Lyngaas

It's the latest evidence of how digitally connected cars open up new pathways for theft.

Iran-linked hackers steal sensitive data from US Navy member, researchers say

by Sean Lyngaas

The server appears to belong to a hacking outfit that IBM calls ITG18, and which overlaps with groups known as Charming Kitten and Phosphorous.

In Brazil, scammers see the coronavirus as a serious money-making opportunity

by Sean Lyngaas

IBM has uncovered nearly 700 malicious websites related to COVID-19 in Brazil in recent months.

Ransomware gangs are doing their homework before encrypting corporate data

by Sean Lyngaas

"They’re snooping around” for balance sheets and other financial data, a DHS official says.

Hackers target senior executives at German company procuring PPE

by Sean Lyngaas

The hackers knew which executives they wanted to compromise soon after the German PPE task force was announced.