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Cryptocurrency 'mixers' see record transactions from sanctioned actors

by Tonya Riley

An increase in funds sent from illicit addresses has accelerated the rise, indicating the technology remains attractive to cyber criminals.

Russia's war on Ukraine making life difficult for Russian cybercriminals

by AJ Vicens

Flashpoint says international sanctions and a string of law enforcement actions are causing trouble for criminals to cash out.

Justice Department seizes major cybercrime spot RaidForums

by Tonya Riley

RaidForums boasted at one point of having close to 10 billion pieces of PII for sale, making it one of the biggest destinations for cybercriminals.

Hydra market's servers, $25M in bitcoin seized by German police in dark web sting

by Joe Warminsky

Narcotics trafficking and money laundering were the main business for Hydra, which researchers say was the largest dark-web market.

How Hydra, a Russian dark net market, made more than $1 billion in 2020

by Tim Starks

Hydra has remained resilient where others have fallen to law enforcement operations.