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Senate fails to amend cryptocurrency reporting requirements, moving fight to the House

by Tonya Riley

Critics say the reporting requirements in the infrastructure bill are overly broad and could hurt industry and privacy.

Ransomware hits iConstituent, a service lawmakers use to communicate with voters

by Sean Lyngaas

Hackers hit a Capitol Hill newsletter.

Lawmakers introduce bill to save top White House cyber job after Bolton eliminated it

by Sean Lyngaas

House Democrats on Tuesday introduced legislation to codify a top cybersecurity position at the White House following National Security Adviser John Bolton’s decision to eliminate the role.

Here's what the newly signed NDAA means for cybersecurity

by Chris Bing

President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Tuesday, approving the $700 billion spending bill designed to fund the U.S. military and its various cybersecurity-focused initiatives.

How the Democrats plan to stop hackers from breaching 2018 campaigns

by Chris Bing

Fresh off the wounds of the 2016 campaign, Democratic political reorganizations are compelling political campaigns to improve their cybersecurity.

Capitol Hill comes for Equifax, demanding answers for massive breach

by Chris Bing

Lawmakers are putting pressure on Equifax after hackers were able to breach the credit reporting behemoth and compromise millions of customer records.