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'IT security issue' impacts multiple hospitals across several states

by AJ Vicens

In a statement CommonSpirit Health says it has taken certain systems offline as a precaution.

Hospital hallway robots get patches for potentially serious bugs

by Joe Warminsky

Five zero-days found in Aethon TUG robots included one that could allow an attacker to control the machines, Cynerio said.

Accellion breach exposed data from patients at major Michigan hospital system

by Tonya Riley

It's the latest in a long list of victims.

Popular technology that hospitals use to send lab samples is vulnerable, researchers found

by Tonya Riley

There's no evidence attackers have exploited the software issue for their own gain.

Ransomware attack may delay scheduled procedures at Baltimore-area medical center

by Sean Lyngaas

This year has seen nearly double the amount of publicly reported ransomware attacks on the health sector compared to 2019, according to one tally.

Ransomware attacks grow more menacing during the pandemic, creating headaches in health sector

by Sean Lyngaas

Nearly five years after Hollywood Presbyterian, numerous health care organizations have had to endure their own ransomware ordeals.