Tags hospitality industry

FIN8 cybercrime group resurges with improved hacking tool

by Shannon Vavra

The financial scammers seem to be back from a hiatus.

Food-delivery fraudsters deploy hacked accounts, stolen credit card info to skim from orders

by Tim Starks

The grifters advertise their food delivery payment services on Telegram.

Travel-booking company Sabre Corp. settles with 27 states over breach of credit card data

by Joe Warminsky

The 27 attorneys general involved in the settlement said that Sabre responded poorly to the incident, particularly in notifying people that their information might be compromised.

Well-developed backdoor can harvest information from restaurants, bars and hotels, researchers say

by Joe Warminsky

A point-of-sale-system widely used in the hospitality industry is vulnerable to a backdoor, ESET reports.

For criminal hackers, Brazilian hotel networks appear to be easy targets

by Sean Lyngaas

The findings underscore Brazil’s longstanding struggles with cybercrime.

Notorious FIN7 crooks have new malicious code up their sleeves

by Sean Lyngaas

It's the latest sign that FIN7 is resurgent.