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Is offense really your best defense?

by Rosa L. Smothers

In this op-ed, a cybersecurity executive says the ACDC is well-intentioned legislation, but policy often underestimates the complexities of international cyber operations.

Private sector warms to U.S. Cyber Command carrying out 'hack backs'

by Ryan Duffy

The U.S. government should decide how to retaliate against the worst attacks on the country’s private sector.

With White House coordinator gone, DHS official calls for U.S. leadership on cybersecurity

by Sean Lyngaas

In the wake of the White House’s decision to eliminate its top cybersecurity position, a Department of Homeland security official has called on the U.S. government to robustly engage on cyber policy issues on the world stage.

Clarity needed on 'active defense' by cyber-victims: report

by Shaun Waterman

The Justice Department should issue guidance about what kinds of "active defense" measures are permissible under U.S. law and the Homeland Security Department should develop procedures for working with private sector companies that want to implement them, a report from a blue ribbon panel said Monday.