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Federal prosecutors going after alleged Russian hacker mistakenly turn over unrelated case documents, lawyer says

by AJ Vicens

The material includes information on non-related people and phone records, and Russian businessmen possibly associated with the Trump administration, according to a court document.

Microsoft seizes internet domains linked to GRU cyberattacks against Ukraine

by Joe Warminsky

Strontium — a group linked to Russian military intelligence — was using the domains to target Ukrainian institutions, Microsoft said.

US says it disrupted Russian botnet 'before it could be weaponized'

by Joe Warminsky

The botnet was being assembled by Russia's foreign intelligence agency, the GRU, Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a news conference.

Treasury Department sanctions alleged Russian cyber-espionage, disinformation sources

by Suzanne Smalley

The Treasury Department sanctioned 26 Russia- and Ukraine-based individuals and seven entities.

Russia-linked Sandworm reportedly has retooled with 'Cyclops Blink'

by Joe Warminsky

The "large-scale modular malware framework" has largely replaced the "VPNFilter" tools that Sandworm used before they were disrupted in 2018.

White House attributes Ukraine DDoS incidents to Russia's GRU

by Joe Warminsky

Anne Neuberger says the Biden administration has technical details linking the Russian spy agency to disruptions of Ukrainian banking and government websites.