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Facebook calls for cybersecurity research proposals as part of new grant program

by Chloe Kim

The social media giant is looking for improvements that focus on abuse detection, anti-phishing, password authentication and user safety.

Bill would launch cybersecurity grant program for state and local governments

by Shaun Waterman

Proposed legislation establishing a DHS grant program to bolster cybersecurity for state and local government IT networks faces a steep climb in Congress, but its backers say the need is urgent.

DOE tries to spur development of defenses against Ukraine-style electrical grid cyberattack

by Chris Bing

The Department of Energy doled out $4 million in grant funding earlier this month to four different cybersecurity firms in an effort to spur the development of new technology that can help protect against electrical grid cyberattacks. The move comes just three months after a complex cyberattack aimed at Ukrainian energy company Ukrenergo caused widespread blackouts across northern Kiev.