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ACLU sues FBI for information about its encryption-cracking skills

by Joe Warminsky

The civil liberties group wants the feds to come clean about the capabilities of the Electronic Device Analysis Unit (EDAU).

DOJ efforts to weaken encryption place national security at risk, congressman says

by Shannon Vavra

Rep. Ro Khanna has some choice words for politicians interested in weakening encryption.

Republican momentum builds for bills requiring encryption circumvention

by Shannon Vavra

With a "lawful access" companion bill introduced in the House now, Republican legislators are putting the pedal to the metal on proposals that would require tech firms to give law enforcement access to encrypted services.

European police crack encrypted phone network, arrest hundreds of alleged criminals

by Sean Lyngaas

“It is as if we were sitting at the conference table with the criminals," a Dutch official boasted.

Privacy groups are still trying to get documents unsealed in Facebook encryption case

by Sean Lyngaas

The ACLU and EFF say a failure to clarify the legal requirements for giving authorities access to encrypted communications would set a dangerous precedent.