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Two accused email scammers brought to US to face fraud-related charges

by Jeff Stone

One case involves alleged co-conspirators in the Bronx, and the other involves theft from a Memphis business.

Former Ghana government officials sentenced to jail for doing business with NSO Group

by Shannon Vavra

The case is believed to be the first time that government officials in any country have been jailed for doing business with NSO Group.

Russian IRA troll farm outsourced new operation to Ghana, Nigeria

by Shannon Vavra

The Russian troll farm is working out of two African countries to spread division in the U.S.

Cybercriminals 'hide in plain sight' to shake down West African financial players

by Jeff Stone

Institutions in Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast have been hit with cyberattacks that rely on known forms of malware as well as “living off the land” techniques.