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Amnesty sues NYPD, seeking details about facial recognition technology and arrest data

by Tonya Riley

The records could shed light on how NYPD surveilled protestors during the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

The FBI's digital security guide for local police actually has good OPSEC advice

by Jeff Stone

A 269 GB file includes a host of revelations.

'Distributed Denial of Secrets' publishes 'BlueLeaks,' a trove of law enforcement records

by Jeff Stone

The source of the files reportedly is a Texas-based IT firm that provides web development services to police "fusion centers."

Facebook removed white nationalist accounts encouraging guns at anti-racist protests

by Jeff Stone

The Proud Boys and American Guard both are designated hate groups.

Facebook announces it will flag state media posts, eventually decline ad dollars

by Jeff Stone

Twitter said in 2019 it would no longer accept advertisements from government-sponsored media outlets.

Signal wants to protect protesters’ privacy with new face-blurring feature

by Sean Lyngaas

Use of Signal has surged since George Floyd's killing.