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CISA orders agencies to disable Microsoft Print Spooler in response to 'PrintNightmare' flaw

by Tim Starks

The bug has given Microsoft fits for weeks, and now CISA is requiring federal agencies to take action.

Feds aim to bolster data encryption practices for .gov websites

by Sean Lyngaas

The goal of the entire intiative is to have browsers connect to federal government websites via HTTPS by default.

Trump administration removes Kaspersky from list of approved vendors

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

The General Services Administration removed Kaspersky Lab from its approved list of vendors, adding significant difficulty for federal agencies to buy and use the Moscow-based company's products.

GSA tech chief defends 18F, says watchdog's report 'got our attention'

by Shaun Waterman

GSA Technology Transformation Service Commissioner Rob Cook told CyberScoop that the agency was working to reform the IT security rules which 18F's leadership flouted.

Watchdog: Federal agency 18F ignored IT regulations, cybersecurity rules

by Shaun Waterman

Auditors discovered that 27 members of the 18F team routinely used personal email accounts to send work-related emails, without copies being forwarded to their official work accounts. Among them were the then-Technology Transformation Service Commissioner Phaedra Chrousos.