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Securiosity: What's cybersecurity like at General Motors?

by Jeff Stone

Jeff Massimilla, VP of cyber at General Motors, talks to us about what it's like overseeing cybersecurity for one of the world’s largest car makers.

Cyber Readiness Institute wants to help small firms fix their authentication issues

by Jeff Stone

The Cyber Readiness Institute on Monday unveiled a program offering free tools and resources meant to help companies better secure their corporate networks.

Automotive companies are warming up to vulnerability disclosure programs

by Sean Lyngaas

The automotive industry is looking to step up its collaboration with cybersecurity researchers to identify software and hardware bugs after a watershed 2015 hacking demo.

Why automotive cybersecurity needs to go beyond IT-based security

by Jeff Stone

A number of experts say cybersecurity inside autonomous vehicles needs to be different from that of traditional networks if the public is ever going to embrace self-driving cars.