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Russian attempts to phish Ukrainian targets with 'war crimes' lures unsuccessful so far, official says

by AJ Vicens

Ukraine's CERT attributed the phishing effort to a Russian state-backed group known as Armageddon or Gamaredon.

Russia-linked Gamaredon shows signs of possible recent activity in Ukraine, researchers say

by AJ Vicens

Amid questions about the most recent cyberattacks on Ukraine a known adversary has been observed launching its own attacks.

Researchers detail Russia-linked group's cyber-espionage tactics in Ukraine

by Joe Warminsky

Symantec looks at how the spies use infected Microsoft Word attachments to implant backdoor files allowing for the delivery of more malware.

Ukraine exposes expansive Russian hacking operation targeting its government, infrastructure

by AJ Vicens

Ukraine doxxed phone calls from the hackers, known in Ukraine as "Armageddon" but as Gamaredon elsewhere.

'Gamaredon' hackers target Ukrainian officials amid rising Russian tensions

by Tim Starks

The suspected Russian hackers used current events in their campaign.

Possible APT attacks against Ukraine expand to target journalists, researchers say

by Jeff Stone

Previous research into Gamaredon determined that hackers included Russian phrases that, when translated into English, insulted Americans.