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Ransomware costs top $1 billion as White House inks new threat-sharing initiative

by AJ Vicens

The Treasury Department released its finding as the White House is wrapping up an international summit on fighting the ransomware problem.

Treasury fines virtual currency exchange Bittrex for failing to catch ransomware payments

by Tonya Riley

The virtual currency exchange based in Washington state failed to catch more than 100,000 transactions from sanctioned regions.

FinCEN associate director says his agency has its eyes on DeFi projects

by Tonya Riley

The Ronin Bridge attack has drawn attention to how DeFi projects can be weaponized in national security threats.

FinCEN warns ransomware proceeds could be part of Russia sanctions evasion

by Joe Warminsky

Treasury is reminding banks and other institutions of "red flags" as they handle cryptocurrency that could potentially be headed to Russia.

US government launches plans to cut cybercriminals off from cryptocurrency

by Tonya Riley

The State Department is also offering up to $10 million for tips that help track down nation-sponsored hackers who attack critical infrastructure.

Operator of bitcoin 'mixers' that served dark web markets faces $60 million FinCEN penalty

by Joe Warminsky

It's the first action of its kind by FinCEN, which assessed that the Helix and Coin Ninja services failed to file suspicious activity reports and follow other financial rules.