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Fed chair deems cyber threat top risk to financial sector

by Shannon Vavra

He said he's more concerned about a cyberattack than he is of another global financial crisis.

Crooks are getting smarter about exploiting SAP software, study finds

by Sean Lyngaas

A critical bug in SAP software could be a ticket for a criminal to steal a paycheck or employees’ personally identifiable information.

Ransomware attacks hit event-management, wireless technology firms

by Sean Lyngaas

It's a reminder of a digital scourge that costs U.S. businesses many millions of dollars a year.

Two Infraud members sentenced for role in $568 million crime gang, US says

by Sean Lyngaas

A third suspect is still at large.

FIN8 cybercrime group resurges with improved hacking tool

by Shannon Vavra

The financial scammers seem to be back from a hiatus.