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FIN8 cybercrime group resurges with improved hacking tool

by Shannon Vavra

The financial scammers seem to be back from a hiatus.

Tenable inches towards IPO, finally

by Chris Bing

One of the best funded cybersecurity companies in the entire industry is reportedly on the precipice of finally going public.

FBI issues flash alert on Apache Struts vulnerability

by Chris Bing

A FBI flash alert obtained by CyberScoop shows the FBI is pushing the private sector to close the vulnerability linked to the massive data breach at Equifax

In wake of Equifax breach, government shines light on entire industry

by Chris Bing

While law enforcement agents were sent to immediately investigate how and why hackers broke into Equifax, other federal agencies, like the Homeland Security Department, were focusing on understanding the threat posed to the larger industry, a senior U.S. official said.

U.S. officials looking at Apache vulnerability as cause for Equifax breach

by Chris Bing

The official's comments to CyberScoop are the first from a government source regarding the cause behind one of the largest data breaches in history, which was publicly announced last week.

Capitol Hill comes for Equifax, demanding answers for massive breach

by Chris Bing

Lawmakers are putting pressure on Equifax after hackers were able to breach the credit reporting behemoth and compromise millions of customer records.