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FIN7 hacker sentenced to five years

by Tonya Riley

Denys Iarmak, a Ukrainian national, was involved with the Russia-linked hacking group between November 2016 and November 2018.

Notorious hacking group FIN7 adds ransomware to its repertoire

by Tonya Riley

Ransomware strains such as Maze, Ryuk and BlackCat have increasingly been part of FIN7's playbook in recent years, Mandiant says.

Alleged FIN7 scammer Denys Iarmak is set to plead guilty

by Jeff Stone

Two of his alleged associates were sentenced to 10 and seven years in prison in separate cases.

Cybercriminals are deploying legit security tools far more than before, researchers conclude

by Tonya Riley

Hackers are also turning to trusted services like Dropbox and Google Drive to host and distribute malware.

Andrii Kolpakov, who supervised hackers for FIN7, sentenced to 7 years in prison

by Jeff Stone

It's the full amount of time that prosecutors requested.

FIN7 scammers posed as SEC officials, sick restaurant customers to hack victims

by Jeff Stone

Prosecutors are seeking seven years in prison for one member of the hacking crew.