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For many crooks, malware is out and PowerShell attacks are in, IBM says

by Jeff Stone

Fifty-seven percent of the cyberattacks detected by IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence used common applications like PowerShell or PsExec, compared to 29 percent that used more traditional phishing attacks.

Meet Money Taker, the latest hacking group tied to Russian cybercrime

by Chris Bing

Group-IB believes Money Taker is an entirely new, previously unknown hacking group.

Fin7 weaponization of DDE is just their latest slick move, say researchers

by Shaun Waterman

High end cybercrime group FIN7 stays one step ahead of defenders by changing their lures within a couple days of being identified.

Super-stealthy attackers used NSA exploit weeks before WannaCry

by Shaun Waterman

A more sophisticated, stealthier attacker used the same NSA-engineered cyberweapon to infiltrate the IT networks of companies across the world, including at least one publicly traded in the U.S., according to new research.

New warning: Super-stealthy fileless malware on the rise

by Shaun Waterman

Super-stealthy, fileless malware is increasingly being used to defeat cybersecurity systems, according to a new government warning.

Fileless DNS malware used in SEC-filing cyberattacks

by Shaun Waterman

DNSMessenger, the new super-stealthy malware, is being sued in a spear phishing campaign targeting SEC filings at financial institutions.