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'Fines alone aren't enough:' FCC threatens to blacklist voice providers for flouting robocall rules

by Tonya Riley

The FCC move to prevent American from receiving robocalls could boot as many as seven VoIP providers from U.S. telecom networks.

Why robotexts are scammers' favorite new tool

by Tonya Riley

Technology meant to limit robocalls has pushed scammers toward SMS-based attacks, which experts say can be even more dangerous.

Privacy bill strips FCC oversight of telecom data abuse, worrying consumer advocates

by Tonya Riley

The commission would no longer have the authority to enforce its privacy regulations for common carriers such as AT&T and Verizon.

Kaspersky added to FCC list that bans Huawei, ZTE from US networks

by Joe Warminsky

Kaspersky is the first cybersecurity company and first Russian entity on the FCC's "Covered List," which so far has focused on China.

FCC wants to revamp data breach laws for telecom carriers

by Tonya Riley

The rule change could create additional reporting requirements for companies.