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Iranian hackers use Log4Shell to mine crypto on federal computer system

by AJ Vicens

A flaw in a ubiquitous open-source software library is still being exploited nearly a year after its discovery.

FBI's Philip Frigm Jr. on the importance of understanding adversaries in cyber business

by CyberScoop Staff

FBI catches up with CyberScoop at CyberTalks 2022.

British teen arrested in hacking case

by AJ Vicens

British police arrested a 17-year-old from Thursday as part of a hacking investigation, the City of London Police announced Friday.

U.S. government takes sweeping action against Iranian hackers accused of ransomware spree

by AJ Vicens

The action from multiple U.S. departments is against 10 Iranians and two Iranian companies related to a spree of breaches and cyberattacks.

Russian national charged in sweeping influence operation to disrupt U.S. elections, sow discord

by Suzanne Smalley

Federal charges accusing a Russian operative of running U.S. based influence operations are the "clearest signal yet" that Russia is using American extremist groups to spread dsinformation.

FBI flew cyber officials from Ukraine to U.S. for training, Ukrainian official says

by Suzanne Smalley

The trip shines a light on growing cooperation between Ukraine and the U.S. to confront the cyberthreat from Moscow.