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Can Kaspersky survive the Ukraine war?

by AJ Vicens

The Ukraine war continues to cause problems for Kaspersky, a titan of the antivirus industry accused of having ties to Russian intelligence.

Russian information operations focus on dividing Western coalition supporting Ukraine

by Suzanne Smalley

The Russian propaganda focuses on the threat that Ukrainian refugees could bring economic hardship to Europe.

'Shields Up': the new normal in cyberspace

by Jen Easterly, Chris Inglis

The director of CISA and the national cyber director co-wrote this op-ed on what comes next for "Shields Up."

Analysis of well-known Iranian hacking group points to more purely financial attacks

by AJ Vicens

The government-linked hacking activity is both an intel-gathering effort as well as a money maker, researchers say.

More details emerge on China's widespread Ukraine-related hacking efforts

by AJ Vicens

China's decade-old Mustang Panda hacking group is adjusting both its tactics and lures, researchers say.

Obama says he underestimated the threats posed by disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

Obama said the United States and other democracies helped disinformation flourish by growing complacent.