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If hackers are exploiting the Log4j flaw, CISA says we might not know yet

by Tim Starks

The agency harkened back to the long delay between vulnerability discovery and the Equifax breach.

FTC warns of potential penalties for firms that fail to fix Log4j software flaws

by Tonya Riley

The agency says the warning applies to future vulnerabilities too.

FTC wants to know when financial data is compromised, will require encryption

by Tonya Riley

The agency also tightened security requirements for financial institutions.

Do credit monitoring and ID protection services do enough for breach victims?

by Tim Starks

"We need to rethink how consumer data is stewarded," one customer advocate said.

SolarWinds hack spotlights a thorny legal problem: Who to blame for espionage?

by Tim Starks

It could take years for the cases to play out in court.

As FireEye grapples with breach investigation, questions remain

by Tim Starks

The cybersecurity community and Capitol Hill are watching closely.