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Cyber measures gain momentum at federal agencies

by CyberScoop Staff

The White House cybersecurity order proved “game-changing" in fostering leadership support for cybersecurity, zero-trust policies and security-at-the-edge efforts, a new survey finds.

OMB orders federal agencies to let CISA access defenses of devices, servers

by Tim Starks

It's an area of weakness that the SolarWinds hackers exploited, officials have said.

Adjusting to the new security realities of a remote workforce

by Steve Grobman

McAfee’s chief technology officer shares strategies for more securely meeting the needs of employees working from home.

Why cloud is the future of enterprise cybersecurity

by Jeff Stone

How can cloud’s unique properties as an elastic, scalable and distributed service be turned to a security tool? IT leaders from VMware Carbon Black discuss.

Former McAfee employees conspired to take 'secret sauce' to Tanium, lawsuit says

by Jeff Stone

The case highlights the cutthroat nature of the security industry, a relatively small field where firms are in constant competition and employees at big companies like McAfee frequently get offers to jump ship.

Eyeing IPO, SentinelOne raises $120 million in Series D funding

by Shannon Vavra

SentinelOne would not disclose its revenue figures.