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Finding a balance between AI and human security analysts

by Jeff Stone

Endgame's Ian McShane talks with CyberScoop's Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about the tradeoffs between artificial intelligence and human security analysts, and how AI models applied to security products need to watch out for bad data.

Virtual assistants added to Air Force’s cybersecurity arsenal

by Chris Bing

A newly launched software product, developed by Arlington, Va-based cybersecurity firm Endgame, will provide security operators with personal, virtual assistants.

Hacker-hunting software earns Endgame nearly $19M from Air Force

by Chris Bing

On Wednesday, the U.S. Air Force awarded an $18.8 million cybersecurity contract to a firm laden with talent from the intelligence community. The deal comes almost one year after the publication of a report by the Air Force’s Scientific Advisory Board that warned of software vulnerabilities in the military’s digital infrastructure.