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U.S. tech giants back French call for global cooperation in cyberspace

by Sean Lyngaas

Google and Cisco praised the French government's push for more cyber norms.

Researchers link Macron hack to APT28 with 'moderate confidence'

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

"Flashpoint’s hypothesis [is] that the Macron leak was undertaken by Fancy Bear."

Hacking against France's Macron previews dangers for other major European elections

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

“If this is APT28, then they have not abandoned this tool. We can anticipate they’ll continue to use it until the consequences for these actions are greater.”

French presidential candidate Macron suffers 'massive and coordinated hack'

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

The campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron was targeted by a "massive and coordinated hack," according to a statement from the campaign.