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Election officials don't need to report cyber incidents to the feds. That could soon change.

by AJ Vicens

Lawmakers are debating different proposals at a sensitive time for U.S. election infrastructure.

Wisconsin Republicans say last minute hack cost party $2 million meant to reelect Trump

by Tim Starks

It's not the first time hacking allegations have surfaced near Election Day.

Here’s what Pete Buttigieg’s campaign CISO is worried about

by Shannon Vavra

Mick Baccio may be the only member of Pete Buttigieg's campaign staff who isn't concerned with the crowded candidate field.

NSA: 'We know we need to do some work' on declassifying threat intel

by Shannon Vavra

NSA's Anne Neuberger told the audience at CyberTalks the process needs to be refined.

Russian hackers targeted office of vulnerable Democrat

by Ryan Duffy

The same outfit of Russian hackers that launched cyberattacks against U.S. targets in the 2016 election also targeted Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Miss., a red-state Democrat who faces a tough reelection bid this year.

Microsoft reveals first known Russian hacking attempt aimed at 2018 midterms

by Ryan Duffy

The first Russian cyber salvos have already been fired – and batted back – in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections, a Microsoft executive said.