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Privacy advocates want the FTC to take on invasive daycare apps

by Tonya Riley

Researchers have found some daycare apps share information such as the number of diaper changes with third-parties without disclosing it.

Global cyber community can do more to stop state-sponsored malware, EFF researcher says

by Shannon Vavra

A range of countries are developing tools to monitor dissidents, while also maintaining plausible deniability.

Anti-stalkerware group still working to protect domestic abuse victims

by Shannon Vavra

Eva Galperin and Chris Cox weigh in on the road ahead for stamping out stalkerware.

An attempted password crack was enough for a U.S. indictment against Julian Assange

by Jeff Stone

Assange is charged with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because he participated in the theft of documents, the Department of Justice says.

Facebook beefs up privacy, security staff amid ongoing scrutiny over data collection practices

by Jeff Stone

Two big hires were announced on the same day news broke that Facebook paid users between 13 and 35 years old up to $20 to install an app that collected data on their private messages in social media apps, photos and videos, emails, browsing history, location information and other data.

Security researchers and industry reps clash over voting machine security testing

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Security researchers and vendors are disagree over whether a wide-ranging copyright law should have an exemption for research on voting machine security.