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Operator of bitcoin 'mixers' that served dark web markets faces $60 million FinCEN penalty

by Joe Warminsky

It's the first action of its kind by FinCEN, which assessed that the Helix and Coin Ninja services failed to file suspicious activity reports and follow other financial rules.

'DisrupTor' dark-web crackdown leads to 179 arrests by international law enforcement

by Sean Lyngaas

It’s only the latest in a series of international sting operations against illicit underground commerce.

Dark web marketplaces aren't the hacker hotbeds they used to be

by Jeff Stone

Drugs, not malware, are the most popular items sold on dark web markets.

Corporations beware: Dark web markets are selling tools targeting your accounts

by Jeff Stone

The increase coincides with heightened law enforcement activity targeting online drug market.

How many dark web marketplaces actually exist? About 100.

by Jeff Stone

The dark web marketplaces you heard of are probably filled with cops and researchers.

Dark web marketplace Dream Market to close after U.S. police nab suspected vendors

by Jeff Stone

International authorities have arrested dozens of accused dark web vendors in recent months.