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Tech companies are selling domains suggesting illegal sales of guns, malware

by Tonya Riley

COVID-19-related domains remain a concern.

Putin's government lists IPs and domains allegedly aiming DDoS traffic at Russia

by AJ Vicens

A post by Russia's CERT points to internet activity that supposedly originated with U.S. government sites and domains in Western Europe.

Security experts say Ukraine's request to shut down Russian domains could hurt civilians

by Tonya Riley

The request to ICANN would have the effect of making Russian emails and websites unreachable from the outside and make it harder for Russians to reach the outside internet.

Proofpoint sues Facebook over dummy sites used for anti-phishing training

by Shannon Vavra

Proofpoint argues it is using the domains in good faith.

US officials shut down scam websites impersonating Moderna, Regeneron

by Sean Lyngaas

The scammers were after data that they could use for fraud or phishing, prosecutors said.

FireEye, Microsoft find 'killswitch' to hamper SolarWinds-related malware

by Sean Lyngaas

The action highlights the power that tech companies have to throw up road blocks to well-resourced hackers.